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Walker Ultra Hold Liquid Glue for Second Hair:


  • High adhesive strength - reliable and long-lasting hold
  • Is suitable for  Toupees, wigs and hairpieces
  • Long lasting - extra strong, up to 4-5 weeks
  • Transparent and waterproof   – the liquid glue was made on an acrylic basis


the  Ultra hold liquid glue  is a classic among liquid adhesives when it comes to reliable and long-lasting hold. Because the liquid glue  Manufactured on an acrylic basis, it is better than the previously dominant silicone-based adhesives.  the  Ultra hold liquid glue  for second hair is suitable for wigs, toupees, net-based hairpieces as well as PU/foil-based ones. It has a very high adhesive strength and is also transparent and waterproof. With professional use and ideal properties of skin and environmental influences, an adhesion duration of 4-5 weeks can be achieved.

wig glue

  • chargeable  Shipping up to a total value  from 300CHF.

  • The products cannot be returned.

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