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Moneri offers you the easiest way to get long, full and natural hair without years of growing. We make each of your wigs individually and by hand. The wigs are made of 100% Remy human hair. They are gentle on the hair, easy to use and durable. Our wigs suit every hair type and thus underline your personality and every mood as an accessory. 


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Moneri is your specialized partner for realistic and contemporary wigs for every hair type and style. 


We believe that wigs are becoming an everyday accessory to enhance your personal style, make special occasions even more special or complement your outfit perfectly. So you can be yourself, bring your confidence to the maximum and feel more comfortable than ever before.


We want to support you in this by offering you high quality, natural and hair-friendly products that allow you to make your wigs your personal companion. Stop by Liquid Hair Salon to try on your perfect wig for real.


To bring out your maximum individuality you are welcome to have your wigs customized to your personal wishes. We can adjust the length, cut and color at Liquid Hair Salon.

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